History  & Vision

Shop Wonder was established in Hong Kong.

We  successfully launched our fitness equipment with Wonder Core brand since 2012 and gained the ascending publicity continuously.

In the meanwhile, we expanded the comprehensive product field with ambition in beauty-care, kitchenware, household appliances.

We engage in sourcing the sensational and high-quality products worldwide for our customers and lead them into a fantastic life with fabulous home-living and surprising experiences.


Not only a product but also a comprehensive system

We are not just selling products but a multi-facets system.

Take Wonder Core fitness equipment for example, we provide workout DVD which featuring a complete 30 minute workout led by the Hollywood celebrities personal Trainer Jordan Nevels and fitness expert Jessica Starr. Having a full package of Wonder Core is like to have a personal expert trainer in your own gym! Again, it’s not just a product, it assimilate into your daily to makes your life easer and good.


Owned the World largest Direct Response production stage!

We have the largest Cyclorama stage on the east coast of the United States.

This allows us to have multiple sets and different products setup for shooting simultaneously.

It provides an unparalleled production quality, with new unprecedented capabilities!


Hong Kong office



Room 6, 16/F., Workingbond Commercial Centre, 162-164 Prince Edward Road West, Mong Kok, Kowloon.


TEL  +886 968758399